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So, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to control a passageway or a point. Naturally, the optimal strategy in this scenario is to camp. With a sufficient bankroll from previous rounds, we face a choice between the AWP or the SCAR-20/G3SG1. In this article, we won’t delve into the SSG 08 or how it’s beneficial for improving aim. Today, we’re focusing solely on formidable weapons for serious campers.

The AWP or five snipers on a rush

The AWP stands as an iconic weapon in the Counter Strike series and stars in numerous highlight reels. Its popularity is so vast that upon purchasing it, you might find yourself in a team with four other terrorists, all armed with AWPs, and you’re tasked to rush. Why might this not be the most strategic move? The reasons lie in the weapon’s specifics.

Counter Strike 2 AWP stats

The AWP deals immense damage to all body parts, except the legs, eliminating an opponent with just a single shot. This might sound like an instant win, given minimal aiming skills, but it’s more nuanced. The considerable delay between shots and a magazine holding only five rounds, coupled with the perilously lengthy reload times, balance out this rifle’s high damage.

It’s a challenging weapon that often remains elusive even to advanced players. To excel with the AWP requires extensive practice, with mastering its timing being paramount. Its most significant drawback is its rate of fire, leaving players vulnerable between shots. Therefore, it’s crucial to position oneself near cover where one can duck during a cartridge feed or reload.

Moving between spots is also more challenging, as the rifle noticeably slows down the player. Precise shooting at close range is arduous, and hitting a target without aiming is considered peak skill, so one shouldn’t overly rely on it. Even when switching to a knife or pistol, we remain at a firepower disadvantage and should always find a strategic position before engaging in combat. Stealth is hardly an option since the AWP’s sound carries across the entire map. Hence, one must continually shift positions.

In summary, we have a loud, heavy, slow rifle that’s intricate to manage. Why then is it so prevalent? Precisely because while it is difficult to master, the AWP offers a substantial advantage to those who can wield it effectively. Moreover, proficiency with the AWP is a testament to a player’s skill and experience – and who doesn’t want to be the top player on the map?

We Battle Not for Glory

When it comes to the SCAR-20 and G3SG1, we’ll consider them together, as they serve as counterparts for the special forces and terrorists, respectively, bearing similar characteristics. So, are they worth the $250 difference in comparison to the AWP? As with everything in this game – it depends on the situation. Will your adversaries resent you for using them? Most definitely.

Counter Strike 2 SCAR-20 and G3SG1 stats

Here, we’re dealing with reduced damage across all body parts, with a one-shot kill only possible via a headshot. However, this isn’t necessarily an issue considering the weapon’s firing rate. Unlike the AWP, these rifles may have reduced damage, but they easily compensate with their rapid fire. Now, you won’t need to hide between shots or allow a horde of enemies to advance while you try to pick them off one by one. It’s just a matter of continuous shooting and hitting your mark.

But, when purchasing these weapons, be prepared to become target number one. Not only do you pose a considerable threat, but you also possess a potent and valuable weapon that everyone would like to have without spending $5000. Along with this comes the typical challenges of sniper rifles – a limited field of view, slow movement, and conspicuous noise levels.

Victory with the SCAR-20 or G3SG1 might not earn you many accolades or respect. However, you’ll undoubtedly grant your team a few rounds of advantage, provided you don’t lose your auto-sniper prematurely. Aim to maintain a position behind cover, keeping targets at a distance and firing multiple shots, as this is both an advantage and a necessity.

The Outcome is Crucial, the Means are Secondary

In conclusion, we face a choice between a complex yet lethal weapon that demands a lot of practice, and a relatively simple but equally deadly rifle guaranteeing frags to anyone who employs it, but which can be easily lost. As mentioned earlier, everything in this game is situational. A team doesn’t always need another sniper, sometimes not at all. Not every side your team plays on will have advantageous positions for the AWP, nor will the SCAR always shift the game in your favor.

By the way, after the CS:GO update to CS2, you might not find auto-snipers in the shop during a round. This is because you now need to set up your equipment in the game’s main menu. In CS2, players have a limited number of weapon slots in the shop, so you’ll need to replace another weapon with the SCAR-20 or G3SG1 to purchase them. You can also rearrange weapon positions to customize the shop for your preferences and navigate it faster during gameplay.

The only right decision is to communicate with your team. Understand their strategy or share yours; find out if they need support through firepower or grenades. After all, even the most prized AWP won’t save you if your team falls during an assault while you’re holed up at the spawn. To hone your shooting skills with your favorite weapon and practice strategies with friends, you can always rent our game server! Install any map, adjust bot settings, add training mods, or launch your own Counter Strike 2 server. Total control of your path to becoming a professional!

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