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Despite all the versatility and variability of the Minecraft world, the whole world becomes familiar after a dozen playthroughs. All locations become explored, and all the principles of the game become commonplace.

So what to do if your favorite game has turned into an old friend and no longer brings the joy of adventurism as before? Well, it’s a good thing that many sandbox games are platforms for creative modders. And Minecraft is no exception.

Familiar world with other rules

Welcome to a new world, so familiar at first glance. But don’t be fooled – danger lurks around every corner in RLCraft. Most likely, you will find yourself killed by a scorpion, a cyclops, a death worm, or even a dragon before you can craft a knife. Which is not even crafted the way you are used to.

To craft your first survival weapon, you will have to look for flint in the ground and branches that have fallen from trees. But as soon as you get some kind of equipment, you will find another difficulty that will haunt you throughout the game – the temperature regime. Have you found yourself in the desert? Then you have to look for water to take a dip and cool off. If you wander into a winter biome while running away from a crowd of fire elementals, then it would be nice to build a fire to warm up.

And this is just a small part of what this modpack adds to the Minecraft gameplay. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite mods from this collection.

How to loot Battle Towers in RLCraft

«Battle Towers» is one of the most interesting and at the same time most difficult ways to get hold of good loot. These are, as you guessed, towers with many floors, on each of which a chest with loot awaits you. But also, two mob spawners that spawn mobs non-stop while you are nearby.

With each floor, the mobs will become stronger and more annoying, and a golem that protects his treasures will be waiting for you on the last floor. Of course, you can try to go from the first floor to the last one and meet the golem in an epic battle, but there is a trick here.

It is better to get a flying mount and fly straight to the last floor to fight the tower boss. After his death, the tower will begin to collapse. As soon as it completely falls, all the loot from all the chests will be on the ground, where you can simply collect it.

Good to see the Familiar Fauna

Let’s talk about something not so deadly and scary. The «Familiar Fauna» mod adds some neutral mobs to the game that will help with survival and diversify the game. From edible, you will come across turkeys and deer. Like standard Minecraft animals, both can be bred to receive regular supplies of venison from deer and turkey feathers from turkeys.

RLCraft – The Frightening World of Minecraft That Fascinates

In RLCraft, you will also meet fairies of different colors, which will be useful for local potions, which can either give you the ability to fly, become smaller, or debuff armor and damage. The mod also adds butterflies and snails, but they do not serve any practical purpose.

Lycanites Mobs are coming after you

Returning to the horrors of the local world, let’s remember the «Lycanites Mobs» mod, which adds a ton of frightening creatures to your Minecraft that will be waiting for you every time you leave the shelter. And these are not those harmless skeletons and spiders that you are used to shooting from a bow or hitting with a sword and then running away to strike again. You will meet demons, spirits, worms, elementals, golems, and many others.

Jinn, for example, meet in the sky and protect it from intruders, those who dare to fly into their territory. They will spam you endlessly with little tornadoes that will toss you around until you get far enough away from them, after which you just fall over.

RLCraft – The Frightening World of Minecraft That Fascinates

Or Afrit’s, that spawn from lava wherever it is located – in the Overworld, the Nether, or Ender world. As soon as they notice you, dozens of fireballs will fly at you. These guys are very dangerous in the early stages of the game. And what can we say about the creatures living in the water?

So when it’s said that the danger is waiting around every corner in RLCraft, this is not an exaggeration.

Ice and Fire but not a song

And the last mod we’ll talk about today is «Ice and Fire». As it should be clear from the title of the article, there are dragons in this world. And you don’t want to deal with these monsters. The dragons are so merciless that they can easily burn down the entire village, which is located near their possessions. Being in the village at this time means losing all your loot and having to return for it over and over again and die over and over again until the dragon flies away.

Dragons have 5 stages of adulthood, the first two of which are infancy and childhood, then the middle stage, followed by adulthood, and the last stage is the fully grown dragon. All you need to know about the dragons is that when you hear the flapping of wings and an angry roar, you should run away. But after surviving in this world long enough and finding good loot, maybe you will have a chance to compete with these lords of mountains and skies.

RLCraft – The Frightening World of Minecraft That Fascinates

How to play RLCraft with friends

In fact, to describe this whole modpack and all this experience it brings to Minecraft, we will need not an article, but a whole book. After all, RLCraft includes almost two hundred mods that change the process of fishing, crafting, taming animals, trading, enchanting, and so on. With this modpack, Minecraft turns into a separate RPG with an incredibly frightening and at the same time intriguing world with its own rules.

What could be better than facing new challenges and new adventures in your favorite game? Immerse yourself in these adventures with your friends! And we can help you with that. Get your private Minecraft server with Fozzy Game Servers, install RLCraft modpack through an easy-to-use and convenient game panel in one click, and send your server IP to your friends. After all, a huge unknown world full of dangers awaits you.


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