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Venturing into the vast and mystical world of Valheim fishing, one quickly realizes the importance of self-sustenance. Among the many survival skills you’ll hone, fishing stands out as both a serene pastime and a vital source of nourishment.

Unlocked by acquiring essential tools like the Fishing bait and Fishing rod, this activity offers a reliable source of food and unique decorative items. With the introduction of various Fish and Bait types in the Mistlands update, fishing in Valheim has become more intricate and rewarding. Whether you’re purchasing your first rod from the Merchant or discovering one in the chilling depths of a Frost Cave, the waters of Valheim are teeming with opportunities.

But fishing isn’t just about casting a line; it’s about understanding the environment, the behavior of the fish, and mastering the art of patience. Dive in with us as we explore the depths of fishing in Valheim, offering tips, tricks, and insights to make your angling adventures fruitful.

Essential Tools and Baits: Gearing Up for a Successful Catch

In the vast world of Valheim, preparation is key. Before you can embark on your fishing journey, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools and baits. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting started:

Valheim Fishing Guide - Haldors Camp
Image source: valheim.fandom.com
  1. Fishing Rod: The primary tool for any aspiring angler in Valheim is the Fishing Rod. Unlike many other tools in the game, the Fishing Rod isn’t crafted but purchased. You can buy it from Haldor, the traveling Merchant, for 350 coins. It’s a worthy investment, as the rod is durable and can be used multiple times.
  2. Fishing Bait: Once you have your rod, you’ll need bait. Fishing Bait is essential for attracting fish. You can buy it from the same Merchant, Haldor, in batches of 20 for 10 coins. Always ensure you have enough bait in your inventory, as running out can cut your fishing trip short.
  3. Crafting Stations: While the rod and bait are purchased, other fishing-related items might require crafting. Ensure you have access to a workbench and cauldron. These stations will be crucial if you decide to craft items like fish wraps or need to repair tools.
  4. Storage: After a successful fishing trip, you’ll need a place to store your catch. Building a chest near your favorite fishing spot can be beneficial. This way, you can store fish and bait without having to travel back to your main base.

Always check your equipment before heading out. A damaged fishing rod or an empty bait box can cut your fishing trip short. Regularly repair and upgrade your gear for the best results.

Prime Valheim Fishing Locations: Where to Cast Your Line

In Valheim, the world is vast, and there are multiple biomes, each with its unique characteristics. When it comes to fishing, certain locations are more fruitful than others. Here’s a breakdown of the best fishing spots across the different biomes:

Valheim Fishing Guide - Ocean view
Image source: valheim.fandom.com

Small Stream

Streams are the most basic fishing spots in Valheim, often found running through Meadows and Black Forest biomes. They are shallow, narrow, and easily accessible.

Tips: Look for ripples or movement in the water, indicating the presence of fish. Since streams are narrow, casting accuracy is essential.


Rivers are wider and deeper than streams, offering a more diverse range of fish. They can be found cutting through various biomes, including the Meadows and Swamps.

Tips: Rivers often have stronger currents, so be mindful of your casting distance. Look for deeper spots or areas with overhanging trees, as they might be hotspots for fish.


The shoreline is where the land meets the ocean. It’s a transitional zone, and the fish here are different from those in freshwater bodies.

Tips: The shoreline is affected by tides, so try fishing at different times to see when fish are most active. Also, be wary of other creatures that might be lurking nearby.


The vast, open ocean is a challenging but rewarding fishing spot. It’s home to the largest and most diverse range of fish in Valheim.

Tips: Ocean fishing is best done from a boat or a constructed platform. The deeper waters house the bigger fish, so venture further from the shore for a chance to catch them. Always be prepared for the unpredictable ocean weather and potential threats like sea serpents.

The majority of the fish are found in the Ocean biome, with a few exceptions like the Trollfish which is found in the Frost Cave.

Fish NameBiome(s) Where FoundFishing Depth
Valheim Fishing Guide - Perch PerchMeadows, Black ForestAny Depth
PikeMeadows, Black ForestSemi-deep
Valheim Fishing Guide - Tuna TunaOceanDeep
Valheim Fishing Guide - Trollfish TrollfishFrost Cave, Black Forest shoresShoreline
Valheim Fishing Guide - Giant_herring Giant HerringOcean, Swamp shoresShoreline
Valheim Fishing Guide - Tetra TetraOcean, Frost Cave lakesAny Depth
Valheim Fishing Guide - Grouper GrouperOcean, Plains shoresShoreline
Valheim Fishing Guide - Anglerfish AnglerfishOcean, Mistlands shoresShoreline
Valheim Fishing Guide - Pufferfish PufferfishOcean, Mistlands shoresVery Deep
Valheim Fishing Guide - Coral_cod Coral CodOceanDeep
Valheim Fishing Guide - Magmafish MagmafishOcean, Ashlands shoresShoreline
Valheim Fishing Guide - Northern_salmon Northern SalmonOcean, Deep North shoresShoreline

The Art of Fishing: Techniques and Tips

Fishing in Valheim is a test of patience and timing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you reel in a catch every time:

  1. Casting the Line: Hold the attack button to charge your cast. The longer you hold, the farther your line will go. Release the button to cast.
  2. Waiting for the Bite: Keep an eye on the bobber. When a fish approaches and pulls it under, it’s time to act.
  3. Hooking the Fish: Press the block button to hook the fish. Once hooked, reel it in by holding the block button.
  4. Reeling Challenges: Reeling requires stamina. If the fish struggles, reeling will consume more stamina. Ensure you have enough stamina, or the fish might escape.
  5. Claiming Your Prize: Once the fish is close (about 1-2 meters away), look at it and press the use button to collect your catch.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you fish, the better you’ll get at it. And with time, you’ll discover various strategies and secrets that Valheim’s waters hold.

Advanced tips

  • Patience is key: Just like in real life, fishing in Valheim requires patience. Cast your line and wait for the fish to bite. Avoid reeling in too quickly, as this can scare away potential catches.
  • Look for fish shadows: Pay attention to the water’s surface. Fish shadows indicate the presence of fish, making it easier to target specific spots.
  • Avoid disturbances: Loud noises, such as combat or tree chopping near the water, can scare fish away. Ensure you’re in a quiet spot before casting your line.
  • Upgrade your fishing rod: As you progress in the game, consider upgrading your fishing rod. A better rod can increase your casting distance and improve your chances of catching rarer fish.
  • Stay safe: Remember, Valheim is a land filled with dangers. Always be aware of your surroundings when fishing, especially in biomes like the Swamp or Plains, where hostile creatures might be lurking.
  • Keep an eye on your stamina: Stamina plays a crucial role in fishing. Casting your fishing rod and reeling in a fish both consume stamina. The longer and harder a fish struggles, the more stamina you’ll use up. If your stamina depletes entirely while reeling in a fish, the fish will escape, leaving you empty-handed. So, always keep an eye on your stamina bar when fishing.

Weather and Time of Day

Believe it or not, these play a crucial role in fishing. Fish in Valheim are affected by their environment. Fishing during a storm or at night can yield different results compared to fishing on a sunny day.

Valheim Fishing Guide - Storm and Lightnig
Image source: valheim.fandom.com
Weather ConditionFishing Impact
Clear/SunnyOptimal fishing conditions. Fish are more active and likely to bite.
RainFish activity increases, making it one of the best times to fish.
StormReduced visibility can make it harder to see fish, but they are still active.
Fog/MistFish are moderately active. It’s still possible to catch fish, but it might take a bit longer.
NightFish are less active, but with patience, you can still make a catch.
Snow (in Mountain biomes)Fishing is challenging due to the cold. Fish are less active, and freezing water can make it difficult.

Fish behavior changes with the weather and time of day. Some fish are more active during rain, while others prefer the calm of a sunny day. Similarly, certain species are more likely to bite during specific times, like dawn or dusk. Paying attention to these factors can significantly increase your success rate

Valheim Fish Quality: Understanding the Grades

In Valheim, not all fish are created equal. The quality of the fish you catch can vary, and understanding these grades can help you make the most of your fishing efforts. Each fish has its own grade level, from one to five. The bigger grade corresponds to fish that are visually larger and have a greater item weight.

Here’s a breakdown of fish quality and what each grade means, and the best baits for each fish:

GradeFish NameWeight (kg)Best Bait
1Perch2.0Fishing bait
1Pufferfish2.0Misty fishing bait
2Pike4.0Fishing bait
2Tetra4.0Cold fishing bait
2Coral Cod4.0Heavy fishing bait
3Tuna6.0Heavy fishing bait
3Trollfish6.0Mossy fishing bait
3Grouper6.0Stingy fishing bait
4Giant Herring8.0Sticky fishing bait
4Anglerfish8.0Misty fishing bait
4Northern Salmon8.0Frosty fishing bait
5Magmafish10.0Hot fishing bait

As you can see, each fish has its own favorite bait. To catch the fish you are interested in, you need to buy bait that it’s more likely to bite. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can craft the bait yourself at the cauldron using the following ingredients

  • Misty_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Misty Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Lox trophy x1
  • Cold_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Cold Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Fenring trophy x1
  • Heavy_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Heavy Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Serpent trophy x1
  • Mossy Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Troll Trophy x1
  • Stingy Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Fuling trophy x1
  • Sticky_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Sticky Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Abomination trophy x1
  • Frosty_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Frosty Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Drake trophy x1
  • Hot_fishing_bait in Valheim Fishing Guide Hot Fishing Bait: Fishing bait x20, Surtling trophy x1

Benefits of Fishing in Valheim: Cooking and Recipes

Fishing in Valheim isn’t just about the thrill of the catch; it’s also about the delicious meals you can prepare afterward. With the right recipes, fish can be turned into nourishing meals like Fish Wraps, which require 2 Cooked Fish and 4 Barley Flour. These wraps are not only delicious but also provide significant health and stamina boosts: 70 Health, 23 Stamina, and 4 hp/tick Healing for 1500 seconds.

Valheim Fishing Guide - Cookig and recipes
Image source: valheim.fandom.com

Cooked Fish is made of one Raw Fish that can be obtained from any type of fish and cooked to provide sustenance. Cooked Fish gives you medium health and stamina boosts: 45 Health, 15 Stamina, and 2 hp/tick Healing for 1200 Seconds

The amount of raw fish you get mainly depends on the fish’s quality. For instance, a quality 3 fish yields more raw fish than a quality 1 fish.

GradeFish NameRaw Fish YieldBonus loot
1Perch11-2 Stone, 1 Amber
1Pufferfish11-2 Sap, 1-2 Ooze
2Pike41-2 Flint, 1 Amber pearl
2Tetra41-2 Obsidian, 1-15 Coins
2Coral Cod41-2 Chitin, 1-2 Onion seeds
3Tuna71-2 Tin ore, 1-2 Ruby
3Trollfish71-2 Troll hide, 1 Copper ore
3Grouper71-2 Black metal scrap, 1-2 Barley
4Giant Herring101-2 Iron ore, 1-2 Chain
4Anglerfish101-2 Soft tissue, 1-2 Blue jute
4Northern Salmon101-2 Carrot seeds, 1 Silver
5Magmafish131-2 Flametal ore, 1 Surtling core

Challenges and Dangers of Fishing: Navigating the Waters Safely

While fishing in Valheim offers numerous rewards, it’s not without its challenges. The world of Valheim is vast and unpredictable, and the waters are no exception. From unexpected weather changes to lurking sea creatures, a Viking must always be prepared.

Valheim Fishing Guide - Challenges and Dangers of Fishing
Image source: valheimgame.com

Weather Conditions and Their Impact

Valheim’s dynamic weather system can significantly influence your fishing experience:

  • Rain and Storms: While rain can make fish more active, making it an excellent time to fish, storms can be treacherous. High waves and reduced visibility can make fishing challenging and even dangerous.
  • Fog: A foggy day can be both a boon and a bane. While it adds an element of mystery to your fishing adventure, it also reduces visibility, making it harder to spot fish and potential threats.
  • Snow and Hail: In the colder regions of Valheim, snow and hail can be a common occurrence. The icy conditions can slow down fish movement, but they also bring out some of the rarer cold-water species. It’s essential to dress warmly and ensure you have a fire source nearby to prevent hypothermia.
  • Windy Days: Strong winds can influence the water’s current, affecting fish behavior. On windy days, fish might gather in specific areas, like the leeward side of rocks or cliffs, providing a concentrated spot for fishing. However, casting the line and controlling the rod can be more challenging due to the gusts.
  • Nightfall: Fishing at night has its charm, but the darkness also brings its challenges. Reduced visibility and the increased activity of certain creatures make nighttime fishing a venture for the brave.

Sea Creatures and Threats

The waters of Valheim are home to more than just fish:

  • Sea Serpents: These majestic sea dragons are a sight to behold but can be deadly if provoked. While they primarily target sailors, fishermen in deeper waters should be wary. Their swift attacks can damage boats and harm unsuspecting Vikings.
  • Leeches: These slimy creatures lurk in the Swamp biome’s murky waters. While they might seem harmless, their venomous bite can quickly drain a Viking’s health.
  • Neck: These amphibious creatures are often found near freshwater sources. While not directly a threat to fishermen, they can become aggressive if approached or threatened.
  • Kraken: This elusive giant of the sea is more of a floating island than a creature. While it’s mostly peaceful, disturbing it can lead to dire consequences. Fishermen seeking to fish off its back should tread lightly.

Protecting Your Catch

Once you’ve caught your fish, safeguarding them is crucial:

  • Storage: Use containers or chests to store your fish, especially if you’re on a long expedition. This will protect them from potential thieves and ensure they remain fresh.
  • Predators: Some creatures, like wolves or draugrs, might be attracted to the scent of your catch. Always be prepared to defend your haul.

The Allure of Fishing in Valheim

In the sprawling and mystical world of Valheim, fishing stands out as a serene yet rewarding activity. Amidst battling fierce creatures, constructing grand settlements, and exploring vast biomes, the simple act of casting a line into the water offers a moment of tranquility and reflection.

But beyond its meditative qualities, fishing is a testament to the Viking spirit of survival and resourcefulness. Every catch not only provides sustenance but also a sense of accomplishment. The diverse fish species, each with its unique habitat and characteristics, beckon players to venture into new territories, from the calm shores of the Meadows to the treacherous waters of the Ocean.

The challenges of fishing, whether it’s mastering the technique, braving adverse weather conditions, or facing the creatures of the deep, add depth and excitement to the experience. And for those who rise to these challenges, the rewards—be it in the form of nutritious meals, crafting materials, or the sheer joy of a successful catch—are well worth the effort.

Valheim Fishing Guide
Image source: valheimgame.com

As you continue your journey in Valheim, remember that fishing is more than just a skill—it’s an art, a science, and a reflection of the Viking spirit. So, cast your line, embrace the challenges, and let the waters of Valheim reveal their secrets to you. Happy fishing!

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