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Yes, you can do this within 3 days from the date of order.

Refunds are not available for 3-day plans.

Paid amount is returned after the termination of the services on your request in a ticket. Funds can be transferred to your account’s credit balance or through the same payment gateway you used to pay for the service. Refund can’t be processed in any other way.

A refund request is sent to the payment gateway within 3 business days after the customer’s application is received, deducting all provided discounts and payment system fees.

The refunding period depends on which payment option was used, whether it was a credit/debit card or an e-wallet, for example.

E-wallet transfer may take from 3 to 5 working days. Sometimes the process of refunding may last up to 10 days. If it takes more time, please contact the support team of the payment system (PayPal) to get detailed information about the refund status.

The estimated time of transfer processing to the credit card depends on the emitent bank. The approximate time is usually from 1 to 3 working (banking) days. In some rare cases, the transfer may take from 10 to 30 working days. Unfortunately, we can’t influence or speed up the process.

If your credit card is blocked, the refund request will be received by your bank. Please contact the support department of the bank to receive your money.

The unused amount can be returned from the credit balance in your personal area to the same account that you used to make a payment. Due to any reason, if we don’t have an opportunity to transfer the amount through the same gateway which was used for the payment, the money will be transferred to your e-wallet with PayPal.

If you make a payment from the credit card or e-wallet which are no longer valid, please tell us about it while submitting a support ticket regarding the refund, because the cancellation of a money transfer is not technically implemented.

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