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In order to be able to become a game admin, you have to upload SourceMod to your server first. Use our instructions «How to Add SourceMod or MetaMod to CS:GO Server» to do so.

After you upload SourceMod, you can make yourself a game admin of CS:GO server by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the CS:GO server and then press the “~” key and enter the “status” command.
  2. Next to the username, copy the Steam ID (note that you will need “Steam ID”, not “SteamID64”).
  3. Enter the game panel.
  4. Go to the “Files” tab and open the admins_simple.ini file in the following directory
  5. Add “SteamID” “99:z” to a new line, replacing SteamID with the Steam ID of the player you want to make an administer in the following format

    If your Steam ID is 0 after the underscore, replace it with 1, otherwise will not work. The 99 in the above line is the administrator’s “immunity level”. Administrators with lower immunity levels will not be able to run commands that directly affect administrators with higher immunity levels. By default, administrators with the same immunity value can run commands on each other.

  6. Restart the server.

The player will now have access to all commands and can access their admin menu by typing “!admin” in the game console.

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