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Where to change settings

There are 2 important configuration files in which you can edit various game settings.

  • GameUserSettings.ini – /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini
  • Game.ini – /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini

How to change settings in GameUserSettings.ini

  1. Go to your game panel.
  2. In the server list, click on your ARK server.
  3. Stop your server if it’s online.
  4. In the header/menu click on “File”.
  5. Navigate to the GameUserSettings.ini (location: /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini).
  6. Open the GameUserSettings.ini.
  7. Search for the variable setting (for example, “EnableRespawnReactions”).
  8. Change to value to whatever you like.
  9. Click on “SAVE CONTENT”.

Command line arguments

These options are used on the server command line. There are server settings and startup arguments. Server settings start with “?” and can be added directly after one another, while startup commands start with a “-” character and must be specified separately. Server settings are recommended to be configured in the GameUserSettings.ini file rather than through startup commands to avoid causing configuration errors.

The most useful commands – https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Server_configuration#Command_line_arguments


The Game.ini file is used for advanced modifications, such as changing the engram points or experience awarded per level, as well as disabling certain content or changing the balance depending on the player’s interests. For all supported platforms, the options are listed one per line using the same basic syntax:


All parameters in the configuration file require some value. If a parameter is not specified in the configuration file, its default value is used automatically.


The GameUserSettings.ini file contains settings for both the game client and the game server. Game client settings are not used by the server. Server settings are specified in the [ServerSettings] section, which is usually located at the bottom of the file.
To easily create a file with the desired parameters, you can use ini-Generator.

The list of options – https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Server_configuration#GameUserSettings.ini

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