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  1. On the Arma 3 Steam page, select the Workshop tab.
  2. Find the Mods you want to install. Subscribe to Mods by clicking the green plus button.
  3. Launch Arma 3 and select “Mods” in the game launcher.
  4. Select all mods to install on the server. Make sure to install all required dependencies.
  5. Select the “Preset” drop-down list and select “Save As”. Save the file as “modlist“.
  6. Select the “Preset” drop-down list and click the “Share The Preset” button.
  7. Save the resulting file as modlist.html on your device.
  8. Enter the game panel.
  9. Click the Files tab.
  10. Click the blue Upload button.
  11. Upload modlist.html file.
  12. Select the “Startup” tab.
  13. Check that the Modlist filename matches the filename “modlist.html“.
  14. Restart the server.

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